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CPMB Certification
"Become a Certified Professional Medical Biller and stand out in the industry."
CPMB Certification
Certification Course-ICD-11
Comprehensive ICD-11 Training and Certification from PMBA USA. Global Demand for ICD-11 Coders
Certified ICD-11 Coder

Professional Medical Billers Association USA

PMBA USA, is the nation's fastest-growing organization dedicated to enabling providers, facilities, and payers by providing professional training, certification, customized coding tools, software functionality testing, and other pioneering initiatives. Founded by Medical Coding and Billing Experts, PMBA, USA is committed to developing Certified Professional Medical Billers to meet the demands of the US ICD-10 mandate. Our certification exams, online and proctored, serve as a benchmark in the field of Medical Billing; assuring employers of an individual's knowledge and proficiency. Providing high standards of continuous professional development creates employee confidence and advances career prospects.
Medical coding internship

Medical Coding and Billing Internship

Medical coding and Billing internship offers hands-on experience, allowing aspiring coders to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios and gain invaluable practical skills

CPMB Certification

CPMB Certification

Get Certified and Get rewarding career growth in Healthcare Industry. More than 10,000 Billers are now CPMB Certified. Upgrade your career to new heights, unlocking opportunities and setting a higher standard for excellence

ICD-11 Classes


Master the latest international coding standards with our ICD-11 training. "ICD-11 is revolutionizing healthcare coding, fueling an increase in job openings for skilled coders who can navigate the intricacies of the system.". Global demand for ICD-11 Coders


Our expert team ensures accuracy, compliance, and timely reimbursement, optimizing your revenue cycle management. Trust PMBA USA for top-notch coding and billing solutions to enhance your healthcare practice. IP-DRG Billing. CMS-1500, all specalities medical coding, billing services

Demand for Certified Professional Medical Billers is increasing for several reasons:

1. Growing complexity of the healthcare industry: The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly complex, with new regulations, coding systems, and payment models constantly being introduced. Certified medical billers have the knowledge and skills needed to navigate this complexity and help healthcare providers receive proper reimbursement for their services.

2. Increasing importance of accurate billing and coding: Accurate medical billing and coding is essential for healthcare providers to receive proper reimbursement for the services they provide. As a result, there is growing demand for professionals who have the expertise to ensure that billing and coding is performed accurately and in compliance with industry standards.

3. Shortage of qualified medical billers: The demand for medical billers is increasing faster than the supply of qualified professionals, creating a shortage of skilled individuals in the field. This shortage is driving up demand for certified medical billers, who are seen as more qualified and experienced than their non-certified counterparts.

4. Emphasis on quality and compliance: Healthcare providers and payers are placing greater emphasis on quality and compliance in the medical billing and coding process. Certified medical billers are seen as having a higher level of expertise and commitment to quality, making them more attractive to employers.

5. Better job stability and career advancement: Certified medical billers may have better job stability and opportunities for career advancement compared to their non-certified counterparts. As a result, there is growing demand for individuals who have taken the time to earn a medical billing certification.

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