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Elevate your medical billing career with PMBA USA's CPMB® program tailored for AR callers, billers, and RCM Managers. Join us for specialized courses in AI Medical Coding and ICD-11 Coding, and redefine your healthcare industry career trajectory. PMBA USA offers professional training, certification, and innovative initiatives to empower medical professionals.

Professional Medical Billers Association USA, LLC

CPMB® - Certified Professional Medical Biller | CAIMC – Certified AI Medical Coder | Certificate course in ICD-11 | CHA - Certified HIPAA Administrator | Medical Coding and Billing Internship


The Certified Professional Medical Biller (CPMB®) examination designed to recognize and validate the expertise of individuals in the field of medical billing. It is essential to understand the following:

Professional Recognition : Attaining the CPMB®/CAIMC certification demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and competence in medical billing practices. It can enhance your qualifications and credibility in the field.

Not a Substitute for Legal or Regulatory Requirements : The CPMB®/CAIMC certification is not a substitute for compliance with federal, state, or local laws, regulations, or requirements governing medical billing. Individuals engaged in medical billing must adhere to all applicable legal and regulatory standards.

Continual Learning : Medical billing practices, regulations, and guidelines may change over time. CPMB®-certified individuals are encouraged to engage in ongoing professional development and stay informed about changes in the industry.

Responsibility : Holders of the CPMB®/CAIMC certification should continue to uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in their practice. The certification body reserves the right to revoke certification for ethical violations. The CPMB® exam is a voluntary certification program and is not federally recognized. It is offered by Professional Medical Billers Association USA, LLC to assess the knowledge and skills of candidates in medical billing.

The CPMB® exam is designed to assess and recognize the knowledge and skills of candidates in the field of medical billing. It is important to note that CPMB certification is voluntary and is not a guarantee of employment or any specific job outcome.

PMBAUSA is committed to maintaining the integrity and value of the CPMB® certification. For any inquiries, concerns, or information related to the CPMB program, please contact support@pmbausa.com